Workplace Safety Wheel Chocks

Whether you have a mining business, a construction company, or other industrial business, you’re probably familiar with workplace wheel chocks and the importance of having them on site. Wheel chocks are designed to prevent stationary vehicles from shifting or moving when they are not in use. They also help prevent accidents on site and help with employee safety.

Proper Use
Wheel chocks must be secured properly to keep trucks and other vehicles from moving, especially on a grade. For vehicles that sit on level ground, the chocks should be placed on both sides of tires. For downhill grades, chocks should be placed on the front sides of the tires and for uphill grades; chocks should be placed outside of the rear wheels.

Workplace wheel chocks for aviation applications checkers-heavy-duty-wheel-chocks checkers-urethane-wheel-chocks

Types of Wheel Chocks

Checkers provides a variety of wheel chocks for different industries, which include:

Heavy Duty wheel chocks are designed for heavy equipment, haul trucks, cranes, loaders, underground mining vehicles, fire engines as well as large military tactical vehicles. These chocks are durable and lightweight due to their innovative urethane construction.

General Purpose wheel chocks are ideal for over the road trucks, trailers, utility vehicles and pick-ups. They come in a variety of sizes, but they are all industrial grade.

Our aviation wheel chocks won’t splinter or crack, eliminate maintenance cost, and are made of durable urethane, which is lightweight and easy to use. We provide chocks for most sizes and styles of aircraft.

Rubber aviation wheel chocks are durable and made of 100% recycled rubber. Additionally, the design allows for the either side of the chock to be placed against the tire and will fit the needs of a variety of aircraft.

Because we own all of our injection molding equipment and have perfected our practices over the years, we can also make custom made workplace wheel chocks made with your company logo and colors.

Keeping the right Checkers wheel chocks on your job sites will help you maintain a safe workplace and give peace of mind to your employees. To view more industrial safety products and find a distributor in your area, visit our wheel chock products section.

Keep Your Employees Safe On the Job

Employee safety should be at the top of every organization’s priority list. If workers are injured on the job, businesses not only lose manpower, but they can be hit with lawsuits and worker’s compensation payouts as well. So what can your business do to keep employees safe?

Keep employees safe with Checkers products

Workplace Assessment

Take a walk around your business site and assess any safety hazards that might be present such as exposed wires, wet floors, unruly cables, and the like. If you can fix these hazards right away, do so.

Preventative Action

Taking proper precautions to ensure employee safety significantly lowers the likelihood of an accident. If fixing your workplace hazards requires the purchase of equipment such as cable protectors or warning whips, Checkers Industrial can help. We have a variety of products such as wheel chocks, cable protectors, industrial signals and other products to help you prevent injuries to your employees while on the job.

Inform Your Employees

Once safety hazards have been corrected with proper industrial safety equipment, inform your employees. Conduct training and pass out safety manuals and materials that let them know where safety hazards may be located and how to proceed.

Informing and training your employees on safety hazards is not only your legal obligation, but it is also another step which will help ensure that your business runs smoothly.

At Checkers Industrial, we want to help you create a safe work environment for you and your employees. Our products are available to businesses everywhere. Contact a Checkers distributor today to learn more about our products.