Checkers Safety Group | ATSSA Traffic Expo 2017

Checkers Safety Group will be exhibiting at this year’s anCheckers will be at ATSSA Traffic Expo 2017nual ATSSA Traffic Expo from February 10th – 14th in Phoenix, AZ. ATSSA is the premier road safety event in America, and always a great opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in the traffic safety industry. You can find us at booth #312, where we’ll be displaying our newest product, the sequential barricade light. This exciting product is the result of our recent partnership with Pi Variables, and we can’t wait for you all to see it. These innovative barricade lights utilize a radio frequency to communicate with one another, allowing them to guide traffic more effectively than conventional barricade lights. To learn more about these great sequential lights, and our new partnership with Pi Variables, click here.

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Checkers Partners with Pi Variables!

We are excited to announce a new partnership, with Pi Variables! Established in 2012, Pi Variables Inc. has become an industry leader in the manufacturing of high quality, remote controlled sequential lighting products for traffic safety applications. A family-owned and operated business, Pi Variables has grown into a giant within the traffic safety market, offering reliability and features unavailable from the competition. As a pioneer in sequential LED lights, Pi Variables, Inc. holds operations in the United States and sells sequential technology globally under its Pi-Lit® brand name.

“Pi-Lit® is looking forward to the future and what the partnership with Checkers Safety Group will bring. Until now we have been limited in our ability to sell and spread the word of our ground-breaking technology. With the help of Checkers’ sales team and global distribution network, we will be able to reach and expand into markets not previously possible,” said Daniel Selevan, Vice President of Pi Variables, Inc. “We are excited to be a part of CheckersMonster Motion Safety brand family.”

Checkers is committed to growth while providing the best safety solutions to customers. This partnership brings the Pi-Lit® Sequential Barricade Light, the Pi-Lit® “Ice Cream Sandwich” Sequential LED Road Flares, and the Pi-Lit® “Sunflower” Sequential Cone-Top Warning Lamp into the Checkers family. These premium products will fall under CheckersMonster Motion Safety brand and complement the growing Traffic & Parking Lot safety line of products. The combined product offering now includes sequential, battery operated, and solar powered light options.

“We are really excited to partner with Jim Selevan and Pi-Lit®. The sequential Pi-Lit® technology further enhances our barricade light product offering and provides a new innovative feature to our Monster Motion series products. The sequential barricade light, the Pi-Lit® Cone Top (Sunflower) light and the Sequential flares offer unique features that most competitive brands do not possess,” commented Steve Gottlieb, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Pi Variables, Inc. will continue operations out of their facilities in California under the guidance of Jim Selevan, President.

See our full line of Pi-Lit products here.

To read the full press release, click here. To download a digital version, click here.

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Exhibiting at the Oil Sands Trade Show

Checkers will be exhibiting at the Oil Sands Trade Show 2013 in Fort McMurray, AB on September 10th & 11th. Here is what you can expect to see:Oil Sands Trade Show 2013

  • New Monster Heavy Duty MC 3000 Series Wheel Chocks that feature reduced chock weight.
  • Gorilla Warning Whips and the New All Purpose waterproof whips.
  • Checkers Strobe Lights featuring our new LED strobe.
  • Checkers Vehicle Identification Lights for fast and easy identification of any type of equipment in heavy duty work environments.

Linebacker Cable Protectors and Extreme Crossover Systems that provide protection for electrical cables used in mining and construction.  We can’t wait to catch you up on all of the latest and greatest things we’ve been working on here at Checkers. We look forward to seeing you in Fort McMurray for the show!

Keep Your Employees Safe On the Job

Employee safety should be at the top of every organization’s priority list. If workers are injured on the job, businesses not only lose manpower, but they can be hit with lawsuits and worker’s compensation payouts as well. So what can your business do to keep employees safe?

Keep employees safe with Checkers products

Workplace Assessment

Take a walk around your business site and assess any safety hazards that might be present such as exposed wires, wet floors, unruly cables, and the like. If you can fix these hazards right away, do so.

Preventative Action

Taking proper precautions to ensure employee safety significantly lowers the likelihood of an accident. If fixing your workplace hazards requires the purchase of equipment such as cable protectors or warning whips, Checkers Industrial can help. We have a variety of products such as wheel chocks, cable protectors, industrial signals and other products to help you prevent injuries to your employees while on the job.

Inform Your Employees

Once safety hazards have been corrected with proper industrial safety equipment, inform your employees. Conduct training and pass out safety manuals and materials that let them know where safety hazards may be located and how to proceed.

Informing and training your employees on safety hazards is not only your legal obligation, but it is also another step which will help ensure that your business runs smoothly.

At Checkers Industrial, we want to help you create a safe work environment for you and your employees. Our products are available to businesses everywhere. Contact a Checkers distributor today to learn more about our products.