The NEW Cyclone Lighted Warning Whip is designed around the popular All-Purpose Warning Whip, with the addition of an LED-wrapped whip!  Taking the corrosive-resistant features of the AP Whip and added LEDs on the whip allow for greater nighttime visibility and improved safety.

The NEW Cyclone Lighted Warning Whip is designed for low-light working conditions and corrosive environments such as coastal areas and salt mines.  Each LED on the whip provides 10 lumens of light.  See them here.


Goodyear Rubber Wheel Chock is for use for any over the road truck or smaller vehicle


The NEW Goodyear Wheel Chock is a new personal-use chock, perfect for personal or fleet vehicles, RVs, trailers, etc.  Features include a molded tread to increase tire traction, the Goodyear name molded into the top of each chock, and most importantly two different angles to accommodate a variety of tire diameters, up to 32″.

The NEW Goodyear Wheel Chock is only 4″ tall, 4″ wide, and only weights 1.1 lb. each.  See them here.


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The NEW Value-Check UCTS003 Urethane Wheel Chock is a light weight, general purpose chock made with polyurethane to increase strength over comparable rubber chocks. Over time, rubber chocks can become brittle and begin to crumble. These new chocks eliminate this problem, resisting not only damage from UV, but also moisture, salt, and oils/chemicals.

The UCTS003 General Purpose Chock includes grooved, stepped edges to provide more tire traction, along with an eyebolt to either use as a handle or connect with a rope. These chocks are designed to be used with up to a 20,0000 lb. load capacity.